Dear TMM,

I know you are the one that understands me the most. They rest might say they do, they care…. but they don’t. 

They like to make me feel guilty. I know their game. I am not a saint and I have never have the intention to be one. 

Before it was perubatan Islam…. for god sake how many times have I gone to those things. Now, acupuncture? I never force people to do what they does not like so please leave me alone. 


I have never ever said she cares more about her than me….. I don’t bloody care. Say whatever she wants to say,  how it hurts my feelings…. my mouth is always sealed shut. I do not want to sin against my mother. 


They talk about cpap machine like it isn’t a big deal. I know money isn’t the problem. But do they know why I’m upset about it? I won’t ever tell because I know my problem is tooooo small compared to others’. Who am a I too complaint right?


They’ll never know… they will never will. 


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