I miss the blog so much…. many things happen in these two weeks especially the weekends; I feel quite confused. I became very agitated and pissed off at the weekend nurses for insulting me and the weekend oncall doctor for being arrogant. The feel to cut as of now is completely non existance, but is replaced with the outspoken, rude, showing off me. I do not know which one is better…. but they deserves that for sure. 

As for me, I’m taking two nights break from that place to cool off my head before feeling anything, before making any decision; which I have no idea at the moment aside from”please just end”.

I no longer keep track of my night medications….. they are slowly replacing my epilim with lamictal (which I’m very afraid off). Sleeping is still very hellish. 

OK I’m confused now. God please help me get all better by Wednesday. Till the next post TMM. 


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